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Little considerations on current times

Looking at the current period, that in effect is going on since one year,  it is absolutely correct the Cicerone’s sentence “Mala tempora currunt…”  (“Bad times are upon”;  as well, it is understandable that normally the second part of his sentence is omitted, because it states (as bird of ill omen) “ sed peiora parantur” , meaning “…but the worst has yet to come” .  

Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come true because it’s bad enough, so we don’t need anything else.

So, trying to forget for a moment the big ones, there are “little” problems that are anyway boring us.

One of them is the simple,  habitual act to shake hands meeting somebody.

Maybe that many people do not know from what such a gesture comes.

Once,  the sword was on the left side and it was drawn with the right hand to pierce the enemy; thus, the offer of an empty right hand was indicating the absence of bad intentions.

Well, now it’s quite the same: we’re not shaking hands just to avoid to give a friend the present of a bunch of viruses…

That’s why we had to become quite “Japanese” !  You see, although with the utmost respect for that thousands-year old civilization,  to replace a warm handshake with a little bow leaves us unsatisfied; and let’s avoid to mention the choreographed elbows contact that makes people like  quadrille’s dancers…

Back to church staff,  yes, it’s true that baptism or wedding must be an “internal event”,  not overshadowed by external factors; but the tradition of reuniting with relatives and friends in a cheerful and noisy banquet after the religious ceremony cannot disappear in the short term. Therefore now these event are being postponed, awaiting for better times, when it will be possible to stay all together without strange gags hanging on ears to avoid spitting each other.

So, let’s hope that the near future will be far better, allowing to fulfill with many of these events the “Parish events” page of our internet site, that is desolately empty since too much time.



To participate and contribute to the socio-cultural growth of our community is a  right/duty of every citizen and local institution. That’s what the Catholic Action of Pignola is trying to do, giving its attention to every action going in that direction.

This is also valid for  the 600th anniversary of  the Pignola’s annexation into the “Casa santa dell’Annunziata di Napoli”.

We started such initiative, involving local associations; and once everybody was convinced to go ahead, we passed the baton to the Pro Loco President, Mrs Loredana Albano, who gladly accepted to handle management and organizational aspects, being better positioned than Catholic Action to pursue the project.

This doesn’t mean we’re are out of the flow:  we will be always alongside the Pro Loco, giving our maximum contribution to bring to the light this historical heritage.

                                                                                                                                 The President

                                                                                                                           Fiorentino Trapanese

 Jan. 17 in a minor key

Who was not born in Pignola cannot surely understand the feeling of inhabitants during the anniversary of

St. Anthony in this 2021, and could consider strange their  sense of having been cheated of something that represents one of the most traditional events of town’s life.  

An events that culminates with the long awaited race of mules, monkeys and horses, but is also made of  other elements, like the collection ad preparation of the firewood for the bonfire in the night, and the blessing of animals. So, to see a small fire in a brazier and the Saint just standing at the church door has been really sad for the inhabitants.  

A “foreign” person could say that  currently there are bigger problems to worry about; and maybe true; but who will tell such words to people that until now saw his life marked by events like the Jan. 17  ?



What a sadness …

We had hoped, some more than others, that the worst was over; someone was believing that the summer season would have killed the remaining of that unclean animal that had caused so much pain.  

More than a certainty it was a hope, because couldn’t stand it anymore to stay like prisoners and  keeping that bloody piece of cloth on the face. Somebody was attempting to exorcise it, using of various colors or putting sentences or logos, and some ladies were trying to match them with their clothes; but as a matter of fact, you can do whatever you like but cannot change the reality.

The reality moves inside each one of us different feelings: fear, rebellion, anger: but what is really predominant is sadness.

Can you remember the imagine of the Pope praying under the rain in a deserted S. Peter’s square ?

Well, for sure it hasn’t the same pathos,  but to see a little old woman walking down in Pignola with a cane and dressing that blood mask is something that generates big sadness.

And now, cherry on the cake, Christmas is coming.

For believers, the most important feast, bearer of joy; this year it’s quite a provocation: no midnight mass, an intimate dinner and –above all- a silence as we have never heard  

Who knows ? maybe that night was exactly like that…